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     “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Michael Palin

Head of Department - Mr R Chambers

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GCSE Geography at St Ivo Academy

At St Ivo we study the AQA GCSE which has been chosen for its exciting and interesting content which is a mixture of the more popular traditional elements of geography, combined with new ideas and approaches which allow students of the 21st century to understand the ever changing relationship between people and the environment in which they live.

The Syllabus is structured in 3 units:

Course Structure:

The GCSE course followed by Year 10 students is assessed through three terminal exams (May/June 2019) only. There is no controlled assessment.

Paper 1 - Living with the Physical Environment (35% of GCSE) 1hr 30 exam

Paper 2 - Challenges in the Human Environment (35% of GCSE) 1 hr 30 exam

Paper 3 - Geographical Applications (30% of GCSE) 1hr 15 exam

Questions across all three papers will be a mixture of multiple-choice, short answer, levels of response and extended prose.

For full details of our course and our brochure click below of for Year 10/11 pages see above.

AQA GCSE Geography Specification Year11 Year10 GCSE Schoology Course

The department has a strong tradition of fieldwork in all key stages and it is seen as a vital component of the GCSE course.

As well as all students undertaking local fieldwork, a residential trip to Iceland is offered as an option for Year 10 Geographers and runs every July. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been unable to do so this year but we are hoping to do so again in 2022.

“Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future” Michael Palin

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