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     “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Michael Palin

Head of Department - Mr R Chambers

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The Geography Curriculum at St Ivo Academy

The Curriculum Vision for Geography at St Ivo

In the geography department we aim to ensure that all of our students receive a high quality geographical experience, providing a broad yet coherent and knowledge rich curriculum which enables them to develop the life skills and foundation knowledge for them to be responsible citizens, able to understand and contribute to a sustainable future, regardless of the level to which they pursue their study of geography. We aspire to develop students with enquiring minds that ask questions, appreciate, respect and debate differences in opinion, problem solve and develop a sense of personal, social responsibility and self-confidence.   Our vision is for all students to have the opportunity to study the world around them at both a local and global scale in a way that engages and inspires them, enabling them to develop a strong interest in their own surroundings and appreciate the variety and interconnectedness of the physical and human landscapes and processes that exist in our world. In doing so we seek to ensure all our students develop a sense of responsibility for playing an active role in seeking a sustainable future.        

We aim to develop a geography-rich curriculum which:

develops a sound foundation of both substantive and disciplinary knowledge as appropriate to our students at different key stages;

develops an understanding of the importance of the complex physical, economic, social and political relationships which shape our human and physical landscapes and the processes which operate within them.

develops spatial awareness of the location of places and environments

promotes tolerance, responsibility and diversity whilst challenging misconceptions

develops a range of key skills and competencies necessary to carry out geographical enquiry and to interpret geographical information; 

The keydesign principles underlying our vision intent are outlined here

 Curriculum Implementation

The KS3-KS5 Geography curriculum map outlines the sequencing of geography curriculum content at St Ivo Academy throughout the Key Stages. A key below the table is used to indicate the nature of the key geographical concepts to reflect the balance in types of geography. Each Unit has a final assessment of some kind (at KS4 and KS5 these are test/exam based) which seek to assess knowledge recall, key vocabulary and geographical skills. Assessments aim to test knowledge and understanding in a variety of way form simple recall and multiple choice activities through to extended writing and application of content and skills to unfamiliar scenarios using unfamiliar data sources. A more detailed breakdown including assessments (both knowledge recall and investigative geography) and details with regards to Schemes of Work and integration of skills (graphical, literacy and mathematical) can be found in the department handbook.  The department seeks to include skills fully throughout all topics (including the interpretation and creation of maps / graphs and the use of numeracy – at A Level the use of statistics in investigative geography are also taught. The department are also seeking to integrate the use of GIS where possible (an area still being developed).  

We are a highly reflective department and see curriculum review as an ongoing process which will continue to evolve and develop. Our full curriculum intent, impact and implementation document is held in the department handbook.

Geography Department Curriculum Map KS3-KS5