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     “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” - Michael Palin

Head of Department - Mr R Chambers

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Preparing for A Level Geography

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Hoping to study Geography at A Level?

Or maybe you are simply interested in taking some time to further your understanding of the geography you have studied at GCSE?

There are number of things you can do:

1. Developing as a geographer – through general reading around / watching videos / listening to podcasts etc. to develop your geographical knowledge and understanding

2. Preparing for the A Level Course - starting to explore the topics and their foundations which will be studied in the A Level course.

To be a great geographer you need to develop the ability to think synoptically, being able to see the greater overview and how everything begins to link together. Geography is not just about studying people and landscapes; it is also the relationships that exist between people and their environment.

At GCSE you have covered a lot of the foundations of the underpinning concepts; physical processes and how they have shaped the landscape and the key human processes that shape our society. GCSE has provided a breadth of study, whereas A Level will now enable you to gain greater depth by exploring topics in greater detail but also encouraging you to see and explore the links between topics.

The best geographers at A Level keep reading the news and generally seek to improve their geographical understanding by engaging with geographical discussions regarding key issues.

This guide has been designed for you to be able to dip in and out of, from looking at general geographical issues and developing your ability to think like a geographer, through to starting to explore some of the topics we will be looking at in Year 12 and 13 so you can do some valuable background reading.


Preparing for A Level Geography at St Ivo  Developing as a Geographer