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GCSE Revision


Please remember that all lesson PowerPoint and revision resources (including flashcards; revision guides; practice questions and papers, mind maps etc. can be downloaded from your online Schoology Course - you can purchase the printed revision guides from the Business Centre. (You will need to login - please see your teacher if any problems). (Sorry these resources are only available to St Ivo Students).

Remember you all have online accounts which mean you can self-test yourself to support your revision (please see / email your teacher if you have problems / need your password resetting)  

There are some excellent resources here to help you with your revision (please be aware that some case studies / examples may be different to ours - so use your notes / revision guides to help with those ones so that you revise what you have been taught). Please see your teacher if any problems with this.

4. OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS - Facebook (St Ivo Academy Geography Department); Twitter @stivogeographers and Instagram @stivogeography) all have frequent updates / reminders / links to support you with revision as well.

5. Other Possible sources that might be helpful (again when it comes to case studies please stick to the ones you have been taught and see your notes / revision guides).


GCSE Revision Mind Map (Outline Sheets)

You can download A4 copies here - please see your teacher if you would like to have A3 copies.

Unit 1 - Physical Landscapes
1. Tectonic Hazards
2. Weather Hazards
3. Climate Change
4. Ecosystems and Rainforests
5. Deserts and Desertication
6. Rivers
7. Coasts

Unit 2 - Human Landscapes
1. Urban Challenges
2. Development and the Development Gap
3. Rapid Economic Development in an NEE
4 The UK’s Changing Economy
5. Resource Management (Part 1 - Food / Water / Energy)
6. Water (Resources Option)

Quizlet - Key Term  Interactive Quizes

These provide an excellent way of learning your key terms and familiarising yourself with key vocabulary - there are various choices for how to learn these and self check yourself!

Unit 1 - Physical Landscapes
1. Tectonic Hazards
2. Weather Hazards and Climate Change
3. Natural Environments (Ecosystems / Rainforests / Deserts)
4. Coasts
5. River Environments

Unit 2 - Human Landscapes
1. Urban Challenges Key Terms
2. Development - Key Terms
3. Economic Change - Key Terms
4. Resource Development - Key Terms

Other resources:

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