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Geography Awareness Week 2015

November 18th is also GIS day - an international for users of GIS to demonstrate real world applications used in society. In celebration of this there are many events going on all around the world - further details are available on the GIS day website.

Ashcloud Apocalypse

As part of GIS day from the 16th-20th November Ashcloud Apocalypse will be running, a free online risk mapping activity for all Geographers, created by Raphael Heath, Head of Geography at Royal High School Bath and in conjunction with Esri UK.

This is set to be the biggest mapping event of the year, involving students from around the world in learning about disaster risk mapping by examining and mapping the risks from a mega volcanic eruption for the area they live.

Are you ready for the Ashcloud Apocalypse GIS event 2015? (OCR Article)

GIS technology is increasingly important in today’s society. This useful video provides an overview of the applications of GIS mapping and the importance of it in today’s society.

The Ashcloud Apocalypse day comes along with an excellent website including many resources to support GIS in schools generally.

GIS DAY (November 18th 2015)
The offical GIS day twitter feed (@GISDay) is documenting links and GIS related events.

GeoWeek is celebrated every third week of November and the public awareness is officially organised by the National Geographic Education but institutions and societies from all over the world support it. This provides another great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of Geography in our curriculum.

The theme of this year’s Geography Awareness Week is “Explore! The Power of Maps”. As geographers, spatial thinking is an essential skill and one which all our students need to develop.

GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

Resources to support Geography Awareness Week

10 Good Resources for Geography Awareness Week (from Free Technology for Teachers)

Make a difference during Geography Awareness Week (Esri)

National Geographic Education Blog

Resources to support the theme “Explore the Power of Maps”

Ordnance Survey - Mapzone

GIS for Schools (Ordnance Survey)

Digimap for Schools

Digimap for Schools Blog

GIS Software for Schools

ArcGIS for Schools

National Geographic - Maps

The Best Map Making Sites on the Web

The Best resources for Google Earth Beginners

The Best sites for planning virtual trips

Geography Games - World Maps

World Geography Games

Geodiscoveries - Map Quizzes


Whilst unfortunately not during Geography Awareness week, here at St Ivo we are hosting an ICT / GIS CPD event in January 2016 for Geography Teachers from the Cambridgeshire area. With a focus on the use of ArcGIS in schools.


What are you doing to celebrate Geography Awareness Week 2015? We hope to use our website, twitter feed and facebook page as well as events in the department to continue to raise awareness of our fantastic subject? - Why not share your events and ideas through the #GEOWeek15 on twitter.

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