Kilombero Rice Challenge

What is Kilombero Rice?
Kilombero Rice is from the warm
heart of Africa, grown in the rich
soils of the Karonga Region of Lake Malawi. Famers use traditional methods which helps protect the environment whilst also providing a livelihood for the local communities.

The smallholder farmers in the region work together as a co-operative to help ensure a fair and stable price for their rice. They are also continuing to ensure the best farming methods are used which are most suited to protecting their environment.

As a co-operative they are able to increase their income and ensure better food security for their communities as well as provide support and education for their families.

The Kilombero Rice Challenge
JTS is a fairtrade organisation set
up to facilitate the import &
distribution of fairly traded products to the UK.  
JTS is supporting the farmers of Northern Malawi by providing a fair and sustainable market for their Kilombero rice.

Here at St Ivo, we are taking part in JTS’s ‘90kg Rice Challenge’ as part of a series of events by the department during Fairtrade Fortnight .

“The 90kg Rice Challenge allows your students to make a difference to real people in the developing world.” JTS

JTS have challenged schools, such as St Ivo (as well as churches and other organisations) to sell 90kg of rice - this is the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer to pay for a year’s basic secondary education for one child.

Why Malawi?
Malawi is one of the 20 poorest
countries in the world and over
40% of the population live on less
than $1 a day.  The current life
expectancy for both men  and women is 55 years. Most of Malwai rely on subsistence farming, although with the changing climate, this  is becoming increasingly uncertain. As few as 40% of  children complete primary primary school (6-13 year olds) and a quarter of a million  children haven’t even been enrolled in school.

How can you help make a difference?
Education is one of the most effective ways to escape poverty and by helping us  complete the 90kg rice challenge your contribution can make all the difference as it  can send a child to high school for 1 year! All we need is 90 people to buy 1kg of rice each.

Guardian Article - The struggle to finish school in Malawi

Help send a child in Malawi to high school for 1 year…

St Ivo
Geography Department are taking part in this as just one of a number of events to mark Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

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We are delighted that thanks to your help & support we have completed the 90Kg Rice Challenge for 2016!

If your school would like to take part or for full details of the 90kg Rice Challenge - see the JTS website

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